My photography career started when my daughters were young and participated in little league sports. I was one of the few people around that had an SLR camera. I was recruited to do the little league team pictures. Looking back I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I took the pictures and all the parents thought they were great. I looked at the pictures and thought oh my gosh these are horrible. I learned how to use fill flash and the pictures actually started to look pretty good. One thing led to another and I was then asked to do a wedding. I told the bride I didn't feel like I was qualified but she insisted and I agreed to shoot the ceremony. I remember the wedding like it was yesterday. I was more nervous than the groom. I would compose the picture, focus the camera and think ok what pose am I going to do next. I survived the wedding and I think everyone was happy. I continued doing sports and weddings and went through the evolution of a lot of different cameras, all the way from 35 mm to an RB67 (that is a medium format film camera for all you younger folks). I have kept my passion for the art of photography through the years. I have now shot somewhere around five hundred weddings and thousands of sports shots. I retired from my "day job" in 2006 and now have more time to devote to my photography. On the education front I graduated from Oklahoma State University. I have attended four colleges and accumulated about 200 credit hours. After getting my commission in the Army and serving my time I embarked on a career in sales. I retired from AT&T in 2006. I was lucky enough to have entered the realm of real estate photography about three years ago. I have now shot over 1100 homes and still look forward to the challenge and it has not gotten old. I look forward to many more years of real estate photography.